LAY - THE CELEBRITY (Feature Interview)


imageAt the studio, using the guitar to compose whenever inspiration hits him. Lay’s songs are all composed with the help of musical instruments.

Currently in charge of EXO’s glamorous performance, Lay — Even though his outstanding and glorious dancing has been affirmed within the group, he’s actually a young man with a heart filled with dreams of composing and singing under the spotlight. Collaborating with composers, choosing musical instruments, enjoying a short break of relaxation at a music cafe. A day with Lay, who’s fighting towards his dream!

imageWith composer Maxx Song, who hits off well with Lay;

imageAfter arriving at the recording studio, Lay immediately used the keyboard to work on his composition with the other composers and proceeded onto the editing stage;

imageBeing able to fully drown himself into the recording mood just by himself


Music exists in those blissful moments

The recording studio that was decided to meet Lay at was filled with beautiful melodies early in the morning. Maxx Song, the leader of Command Freaks who helps Lay with composing, together with composer Ahn Seungchan were already prepared before Lay turned up. They mentioned, “We wrote an impromptu song with Lay awhile back, and agreed to meet up today to learn from each other.”

10 minutes before the photoshoot, Lay personally carried his laptop and appeared at the recording studio…

“Hyung, please listen to this. How is it? Is it okay?”

“Hyung, how do you use this? Can I try?”

Lay didn’t even have the time to put down his stuff before exclaiming that he had inspiration for a melody, and immediately went over to the composers. Lay mentioned that his passion for composing started when he was 10 years old. Up till now, he has over 100 songs composed. However due to the fact that he never professionally learned how to compose music, he humbly expressed that the songs he wrote are all not good enough to be included in albums. 

At the dorms, together with fellow EXO members Chen and Chanyeol, they often share their self composed songs with each other and give one another comments about which areas to improve on. Hence, pulling an all nighter became something common. 

Maxx Song, who was listening to Lay from the side commented, “Lay has a lot of creativity, he’s very outstanding. He is full of emotions, hence the melodies he compose can touch and relate to people’s hearts.” He also talked about how he was initially worried that Lay would not be able to properly express the emotions and culture of Korea, but if you have listened to Lay’s songs, you will feel no boundaries.

Upon reaching the recording studio, Lay spent more than an hour with the Command Freaks composers playing the guitar and piano, making music. Halfway through, he even playfully played EXO’s songs, and tried to record the song he had been humming from inspiration. 

For Lay, in which 24 hours isn’t even enough for the busy him, it seems like the time now is the best healing time to him, and also the most precious memory. 

“I have to go to that street today! The guitar I have been wanting to get for so long, today is the day I shall own it!” 

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